Nursery Rhyme is Lump of Sugar's first visual novel to be produced. It was officially released at November 25th 2005 and rated for an 18+ audience.


While his parents are away working overseas our hero takes this opportunity to visit his childhood friend (and her twin-sister). They live with their mother and are located pretty close to the high school he and the twins go to. So, seeing that he'd be living alone otherwise, they decide to have him live with them in the meantime. 

There's also a prestigious all-female school nearby; this being the case, several students/teachers live in the same neighborhood as the hero's childhood friend; thus the rarely seen male presence begins a bit of an uproar as awkward, hormone-charged interactions begin.


Asakura Shizuma - The main protagonist. He moves back into his hometown.

Tomoe Makina - Shizuma's childhood friend. Her twin sister is Tomoe Yukina.

Tomoe Yukina - The twin sister of Makina. She seems caring and calm, but she is actually a yandere.

Tita Vurando - She is a tsundere. Near the end of her route she warms up to Shizuma.

Krile Shikishima - A cute, shy girl with a short stature.

Rin - A teacher who is half elf.