Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity is Lump of Sugar's third and most successful visual novel, it was officially released at 25th April 2008. The first episode of the anime was aired on April 5th 2009 and a manga was being adapted between January and July 2009.


Yuuri is a high school student and his father runs a shrine. He is interested in bicycles, but he thinks of succeeding him after graduation. One day, an old piece of pottery is found at his school. Students don't know what it is, but he's seen it before at his shrine. His shrine has a local legend called Tayutayu. He used to rule this area and he brought misfortune when treated badly. Yuuri, Ameri, and Sankuro think something bad will happen if they treat it mistakenly, but nobody believes them. Yuuri performs a ritual, but Ameri is against and because of it the seal is broken and the three strongest Tayutayu gains their freedom. A while later, the deity that Yuuri's shrine devotes, appears and fought the three Tayutayu. The deity died and reincarnate into a small girl. Like this, Yuuri's school life dramatically changes.... Who is Mashiro? What will happen to Yuuri...?